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"The courageous journey of healing will unlock the door to the happily ever after you've been seeking."

Dynamic Speaker

Dr. Alsaleem is an international lecturer and speaker. His engaging style and unique expertise allow his audiences to connect with the topics at a deep, personal level. His research and clinical experiences make him the leading voice in the field of infidelity counseling. His lectures cover the different facets of infidelity such as causes, treatment, prevention, and social impact.

Popular Topics

Intro to Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy

Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy was developed to provide counselors of all levels with a strategic and adaptive treatment method for helping couples heal from the trauma of sexual and emotional affairs. The presentation was created to introduce counselors of all levels to the core principles of infidelity counseling and provide an overview of the Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy treatment framework.

Infidelity: An Occupational Hazard

The unique demands of certain occupations as well as the specific workplace culture can be a contributing factor to infidelity behavior. This talk explores the relationship between occupational stressors and the etiology of infidelity. This topic is recommended for therapists who work with employees in demanding job environments such as firefighters, nurses, police officers, and military personnel.

Cyberspace: The New Frontier of Infidelity

The advances in technology and the evolution of new mediums for social interactions have been a powerful external force with great influence on couples’s interactions in committed relationships. This talk explores the unique treatment challenges of cyber infidelity as well as preventive measures to safeguard against its occurrence. This talk is recommended for counselors and clinicians of all levels. 

Children: The Invisible Victims of Affairs

The offspring of couples dealing with infidelity are often forgotten in the treatment planning process of infidelity. This talk explores the impact caused by the discovery of parental infidelity and the needed strategies for providing effective treatment for the family unit. This talk is recommended for school psychologists, custody mediation therapists, pediatricians, and therapists who work with teens and children.

Dr. Alsaleem lectures on a variety of topics within the spectrum of infidelity and crisis counseling with different formats and lengths that can be tailored to your organizational needs.